Glassonbury! Kelly & Jenny's Wineport Lodge Wedding / by This Modern Love

Kelly & Jenny's Glassonbury! - Wineport Lodge Wedding Photography

When Kelly & Jenny realised their wedding was the same date as Glastonbury this summer, they decided to give it a run for its money. And so the Glassonbury festival was born (it was at the Wineport Lodge in Glasson! 😂).

It was a really moving day. A celebration of a love story stretching back years, from when Kelly and Jenny first met on a school trip to the Gaeltacht, through years of friendship and falling in love... Cue much happy sniffling from family and friends...

Jenny is a DJ on RTÉ 2FM's amazing Electric Ballroom and her show with Nicky Byrne, so I don't know why I was surprised when an EPIC party kicked off in the evening! These photos still make me laugh out loud.

Kelly and Jenny - thanks so much for having us. You rule!