Tania & Andrew - Wedding at Nikis Resort, Umbria / by This Modern Love

Tania & Andrew - Nikis Resort Wedding Photography, Umbria

Chemistry. You've just got to have it. Between a couple, obviously. But also between us and the couples we work with.

We've been so lucky, ever since we started really, to work with such brilliant, laid-back, creative, up-for-anything couples. I guess if the home page of your website is people hugging in a toilet, the fairytale wedding people are maybe going to give you a swerve! But we feel genuinely blessed to have had the privilege of knowing, and working with, such great, great people over the years.

Which brings us to Tania and Andrew. Who just rule. Their wedding in Nikis Resort, just outside Umbertide in Umbria was not only jaw-droppingly beautiful - it was full of warmth and depth. Not everything at weddings goes to plan, but they never got hung up on the small stuff. Always kept the important things up front - being present with all their people, committing to each other, break-dancing in a wedding dress...

A shout out to Super Tuscan Wedding Planners as well, who helped bring the day to life.