Katherine & Matt's Wedding at Hawthbush Farm, East Sussex / by This Modern Love

Katherine & Matt - Hawthbush Farm Wedding Photography

Every so often a wedding comes along where the brief is 'just show up and do your thing'.

There are also some weddings where the couple wish they could add - 'and leave us out of it...' :) Some people don't much like being the centre of attention.

I love these weddings. They're more daunting to photograph for sure. But more purely documentary, which is where my heart lies.

Katherine and Matt deconstructed the wedding at their amazing day at Hawthbush Farm. There were beautiful vows, great food, they had a blast - all of that. But they didn't do anything because it was expected. They made up their own version, and it completely and utterly ruled.

These are some of my favourite photos this year. 

Big props to Katherine's talented aunt Jacqueline for the flowers - http://www.jacquelinek.co.uk/