Gabi & Phil //Swedish Wedding / by This Modern Love

Gabi & Phil - Medevi Brunn Wedding Photography, Sweden

Gabi and Phil are really good friends of ours, so we loved having the opportunity to capture some wedding memories for them.

The wedding was in Medevi Brunn, Sweden's oldest spa - an absolutely stunning spot and totally worth the day's hike from Belfast. If only there were more places like this at home....

Phil and Tim used to be in a band together called 'the Amazing Pilots'. Phil's now involved in numerous musical projects including Sadpaw, and Gabi plays as Foreign Slippers. Seriously good tunes - you should check them out.

Anyway, this was one of the best weddings we've ever been to - simple, handmade, heartfelt and hilarious.  Good times with many old friends.

We think that Tim took the dancefloor photographs, although we can't be 100% sure. Ahem.

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