Depaul //other projects / by This Modern Love

Although we have a couple of Christmas weddings this year, it’s still the slow season in wedding photography land. So we’ve been taking a little time out to catch up on some personal projects.

Before I started shooting love and marriage, I did a lot of documentary portrait and landscape photography.  I still do some of this work alongside This Modern Love. One of the projects closest to my heart over the past few years has been photographing homeless men and women for Depaul Ireland. Depaul is a cross-border organisation that works with some of the most vulnerable homeless people in Ireland, including street drinkers and drug users that some other charities find it difficult to accommodate.  One of the first weddings I booked was actually off the back of these photographs. I'll always remember the brave and lovely Clíodhna politely asking 'your photographs of homeless people are really good, but, er, do you perhaps have any pictures of a couple I could look at?' : )

Photographing Depaul’s service users is a challenge and a privilege.  Although some of these images possess a stillness, they are nearly all caught quickly in the moment with little or no staging, and all by natural light.

I’ve met some amazing people, both staff and service users, at Depaul Ireland over the years and wanted to give a shout out to their current Red Blanket Appeal.  One of our images has made it onto the billboard - keep an eye out around town.