Dee + Dave - Ballyvolane House Wedding / by This Modern Love

Dave and Dee are two of Ireland's finest. It's hard not to notice the amount of warmth and goodwill people have towards them. Their wedding was a perfect reflection of their natural hospitality, kindness, generosity and good humour... It was an amazing privilege to be there.

I must confess that the thought of shooting Dave & Dee's wedding had me reaching for the imodium! Dave happens to be a ridiculously good wedding photographer, and the thought of shooting multi-talented food-blogger Dee was not taken lightly...

But I needn't have worried. Ballyvolane House always feels like a home from home anyway, thanks to Justin and Jenny's amazing hospitality. And when I walked through the door, Dave & Dee welcomed me in to the most laid-back, insanely fun house party ever. What's more, the guys gave me access all areas and total creative freedom - which has got to be all the raw material a photographer needs. So these images are absolutely a collaboration, between Dave & Dee and me, as well as their friends and families. 

Thanks so much guys for having me along.

And I'll leave it up to you to figure out who actually owns those orange gloves :)