Grace + Gareth - Mount Druid Wedding / by This Modern Love

Grace + Gareth - Mount Druid Wedding Photography

I arrived in pitch black the night before the wedding and eventually managed to find the shepherd's hut where I was staying. The embers were still glowing in the stove in the morning when I woke up, and stumbled out the door to see where I was... the free and wild eco-glamping playground in Westmeath that is Mount Druid.

It was a perfect fit for the wonderful mayhem that was Grace and Gareth's wedding. These guys took handmade to a new level, and their creative stamp was everywhere. We're not usually ones for blogging the details, but everything here just looked so damned fantastic!

Heartfelt and hilarious Co. Clare camaraderie. With robot drawings. All kinds of amazing. Big thanks to Grace & Gareth for having us along.