Hung + Mark - Tuscany Wedding Photography by This Modern Love

Hello again! We've been pretty quiet on the blog lately, but we've been working hard behind the scenes pulling everything together for our new site. And here it is :)

Big thanks to Tim Farrell, our designer.

We've so many weddings we're dying to blog. No better place to start than with the Tuscan goodness that was Hung & Mark's wedding. Hung & Mark brought together Irish, Australian and Vietnamese families and friends from all over the world to the amazing Villa Catagnano in Siena. The ceremony was a real highlight - outdoors at the villa, combining Zen Buddhist, Celtic and Vietnamese traditions, and officiated by Mark's brother. It was a privilege to be there to photograph it all. And to eat the dinner :)

Hung & Mark's day has also been featured on Junebug.

Áine + Mark - Backyard Wedding - Ireland by This Modern Love

So... it seems Áine and Mark's party went on until 6am. I keeled over at 1am - God only knows what I missed!

Theirs is a classic love story too. Sort of. An Irish one anyway... In their words, 'Mark fell in love with Áine aged 12. Through sheer determination and an intensive exercise and personality improvement regime, 7 years later she was his.'!

In short, this was an all round cracking wedding. Áine and Mark had exactly the kind of day they wanted - simple, relaxed, fun, torrential rain taken in stride.

We'd been listening to Mark's bandIdles, on a loop in the run up to their day - bloody brilliant - you need to check them out. A special shout out also to the 45s, our most favourite band that we've heard play a wedding in a long time.

2013 by This Modern Love

We're a little bit late putting this end of year post together. To be honest, we've been eating quality street chocolates, binge-watching box-sets, hanging out with friends, family and doing very little for a few weeks.

It's given us some space to reflect on 2013. Which has been wonderful and has been insane. Mitch catapulted into our lives in March, a tiny bundle of frenetic energy - too curious about the world to sleep. And we've all been swept along in his wake, deeply in love and deeply exhausted.

And outside of this bubble, people are marrying. And we're taking pictures. And amazing couples are giving us free rein to be as creative as we can. And with each wedding we feel like we're slowly finding our voice, and moving ever further towards the kind of images we want to make for people.

So thank you comrades of 2013. Families, photographer-friends, normal-friends (we use the term loosely!). We are beyond grateful to all who have let us into their lives to photograph their wedding stories. We do not take you for granted.