Áine + Mark - Backyard Wedding - Ireland / by This Modern Love

So... it seems Áine and Mark's party went on until 6am. I keeled over at 1am - God only knows what I missed!

Theirs is a classic love story too. Sort of. An Irish one anyway... In their words, 'Mark fell in love with Áine aged 12. Through sheer determination and an intensive exercise and personality improvement regime, 7 years later she was his.'!

In short, this was an all round cracking wedding. Áine and Mark had exactly the kind of day they wanted - simple, relaxed, fun, torrential rain taken in stride.

We'd been listening to Mark's bandIdles, on a loop in the run up to their day - bloody brilliant - you need to check them out. A special shout out also to the 45s, our most favourite band that we've heard play a wedding in a long time.