Gearoidin & Linden / Beech Hill Country House Wedding by This Modern Love

Gearoidin & Linden’s Beech Hill Country House Wedding

I don’t know what kind of crazy magic spell Gearoidin and Linden put on the light on their wedding day. Everywhere we went the light dappled, hazed over, cast shadows. Absolutely perfect conditions for shooting. And Beech Hill House in Derry was the most perfect backdrop. These two are also the loveliest people you could ever meet.

Gearoidin and Linden’s wedding was featured on Love My Dress.

Maria & Ryan's Wedding at Killruddery House, Bray by This Modern Love

Maria & Ryan - Killruddery House Wedding Photographer

We would have loved Maria and Ryan's wedding no matter what. But when we found out Ryan was from our hometown and we have a mutual friend - the living legend and local character that is Big Jim - who was even going to be a guest at the wedding - we couldn't wait.

Their wedding at Killruddery House was our favourite type. Laid-back, funny, heart-felt, focused on guests having a really good time.

The photography brief was full-scale documentary with a quick dander for portraits. Recently we've been having lots more of these requests - to ditch the semi-formal groups and portraits completely. We're loving this. I'll always be happy to take some photos for parents, but the creative freedom the full on documentary brief brings is amazing. Keep 'em coming!

A huge thanks to these gorgeous human beings for the privilege of being part of their day...