Déirdre & Steve / Ballintubbert House Wedding by This Modern Love

Déirdre and Steve’s Wedding at Ballintubbert House

Déirdre and Steve had the most amazing festival style wedding. It was a totally original day, centred around their personalities. And a rainy one! But nobody freaked out about, despite the glamping and planned outdoor ceremony… :)

These are only some of about a million reasons why we loved Déirdre and Steve’s wedding so much. Mostly we loved it because they are the funniest, kindest loveliest people. Will not forget this amazing wedding at Ballintubbert House any time soon.

You can read more about Déirdre and Steve’s story, and see more images of the beautiful details, on One Fab Day.

Laila & Mark's Wedding at Château de Robernier, Var, France by This Modern Love

Château de Robernier Wedding - Laila & Mark

In her first message to us, Laila described her and Mark as 'slightly awkward humans', a little bit camera-shy.

Our kinda humans, we thought :) This is gonna work.

And of course we, and the camera, loved Laila and Mark. Because they are awesome people. And their wedding was ridiculously good fun. And because none of this is about posing for perfect fairytale pictures. Even if the wedding is in a French chateau...

Eimear & Hugh's Wedding at Borris House, Co. Carlow by This Modern Love

Eimear & Hugh - Borris House Wedding

Hugh was quite surprised when a stranger FaceTimed him, while he was doing his laundry after work one night, wanting to talk about his wedding. 

But he went with the flow, and we chatted about his plans while he put socks into the washer..

Everything made a bit more sense when Eimear, who had arranged the call, made her way home through the traffic.

And that really, was the perfect beginning to this story. The soundest of people, generous with their time, mighty craic, no fuss.

You can see from the photos what a brilliant day it was. Piano duets, enormous grins, kids weaving in and out, cutting the cake with an architects' T-square, Eimear's mam's wedding dress... Gold. Freaking. Boots.

This is Borris House by the way. Very nice it is too!

Eimear & Hugh - thanks so much for having us. We'll miss our FaceTime laundry sessions...