Sayonara 2012 / by This Modern Love

2012. Holy crap. It feels like our feet have hardly touched the ground. So many amazing people, places and adventures. This is a just small window into our year... editing it down has been almost impossible.

We're so incredibly grateful to all the amazing people who have invited us in to document their stories and weddings in 2012. Thank you for having us and for trusting us. We've loved being part of your lives.

It's also been a year of community. Engaged couples of the world - be reassured that wedding photographers are amongst the most creative, generous and hilarious people we've ever met. A huge thanks to all our photographer comrades - pint-friends and pen-pals alike - for your support and your craic.

Just a couple of years ago, Tim was painting alone in a studio, Claire was working up sociology lectures, and thoughts of kids were far in the future. Life today feels very different. We've a toddler, and a baby on the way. We still work on personal projects - but we've thrown all our chips into This Modern Love. And we have a stronger desire than ever to take photographs that feel real, to tell stories, to get closer to the bone.

So sayonara 2012. Thanks to all of you who shared it with us. 2013 is going to rock!

T & C