Winnie + Simon //Mussenden Temple Wedding / by This Modern Love


When we posted a single image on facebook, the first frame here of Winnie and Simon at Downhill Demesne, Winnie wrote back, 'So beautiful. Puts us in our proper perspective. A tiny part of an epic sky'. I loved that.

Winnie and Simon's day blew me away to be honest. They got married in Mussenden Temple, with friends and family forming a circle around them. The circle was a constant - the temple walls and the dome above, the wedding bands and the cycle of Atlantic waves 120 feet below us. They mixed together two vials of sand, from Sandymount and Downhill, the two beaches they grew up on. The vows that they wrote themselves were poetic, beautiful, heartfelt. They choked me up.

Later on the speeches, no less poetic than the ceremony, set everyone off again. Myself included.

This wedding will stay under my skin for a long time I think.