Stefie & Jan //Irish Destination Elopement / by This Modern Love

Stefie and Jan's story has captured everyone's imagination.

When they realised that most of their friends and family weren't able to make it to their wedding in Germany earlier this year, they had to call the whole thing off. Although bitterly disappointed, they decided to turn the situation into a positive, and began to plan a romantic elopement during their honeymoon in Ireland. Their closest family and friends flew from all over the world to a tiny beach on the north coast of Ireland, to take part in one of the most personal, unique and heartfelt ceremonies we've ever had the honour of photographing.

Working with Stefie and Jan, and their little daughter Maya, has been one of the highlights of our year. Stefie is a photographer too, and somehow we just always seemed to be on the same wavelength. She was so far removed from a back-seat photographer, and just let us do our thing while she lived in the moment of her day. When a couple trusts the way you see the world, it always sparks your creativity more, makes you want to work harder, push further and give them something deserving of their trust.

This day was Stefie and Jan's vision. Stefie made a lot of things herself - the cake, the flowers, the details... But she was also helped by the wedding guru that is Grace and Saviour. Shevaun Rafferty did a really beautiful job with the ceremony, working in English, French and German on a cold and windy beach. Annabel and The Love My Dress community provided support and inspiration, and you can see how Stefie's story unfolds on their blog - starting with sadness, and transforming into gratitude and happiness.

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