Deirdre & Steven - Chateau de Lartigolle Wedding, France / by This Modern Love

Steven & Deirdre's Wedding in Chateau de Lartigolle, France..

We haven't taken a holiday this year as we've been busy building a house. More on that soon (we hope!).

So we've been holding on tightly to memories of three French weddings this summer, which threw some much needed golden light into our rainy Irish wedding season.

This is the first of the three. Steven and Deirdre. Living legends. In Chateau de Lartigolle, which is a little patch of heaven near Auch in the South of France.

Steven and Deirdre are amongst the most warm, generous and up for it people we've ever met. It was a total privilege to be welcomed into their day. Half of Steven & Deirdre's hometown made the journey to Pessan for the wedding. If that's what a night out is like in Tramore, count me in :)

Had some amazing comrades along for this one too. Always a pleasure to shoot alongside brilliant film-maker Rodolphe from Best Day Productions. And a special mention for our ridiculously talented friend from Vancouver, Tomasz Wagner..

I've been a long-time admirer of Tomasz' work, so when he was going to be in Europe this summer and kindly offered to second shoot, we started hatching plans.. As a photographer I rarely get to see how other photographers like to work so it was also pretty inspiring to watch him do his thing.  Some of the shots above are his, but you should really head to Tomasz's own blog to see more. It's sublime.

There'll be more Irish weddings coming up soon too. It's super fun playing in the French sunshine, but you know we love us some brooding Irish skies ;)