Jen + Mårten - Beach Wedding Photography Ireland / by This Modern Love

We're packing some bags to go to Donegal as we write this. A wild and unplugged place to start the wind down after a crazy season. The sun will either be splitting the trees, or waves will be crashing onto the seafront houses in the mother of all storms. Donegal is a bit like that.

Jen & Mårten's beach wedding in Rosbeg and Portnoo encapsulated everything we love about the place. Jen spent a long summer with her family each year in Rosbeg growing up, and couldn't imagine getting married anywhere else. Her childhood friends cleared the beach of seaweed and flotsam for them to set up. Fishermen went about their business on the sands as Jen & Mårten exchanged vows. The reception was in Joe's Seafood Bar, which Joe Jr. had taken over running from Joe Sr.  The clouds gathered and parted and gathered again in this most wild and beautiful of settings for a wedding. And despite the wind and the cold, I don't think there was a break in the laughter or the banter all day long.

Mårten is a pilot by the way, in case you were wondering why people suddenly start throwing model planes at them...