2017 / Amazing Human Beings / Mostly Getting Married by This Modern Love

2017! It feels like this is the first year we’ve been able to catch our breath in a long time. Kids a little older, house built, grass growing, books being read...

Weddings have become part of the cycle of our life. They define our seasons. New beginnings in spring, hard graft in summer and autumn, hibernation in winter, until the anticipation builds again... 

There are only so many sweetie tables a man can raid. And as ever, the heart of this work for us is never the stuff (although you guys have some really amazing stuff). But it’s you human beings getting married. Watching your amazing families and friends hold you up. Being a small part of the cycle of your lives. It never stops being a privilege.

So here are some moments from 2017. About 100 of them anyway. Thanks for taking time out to have a look. Hope you enjoy :)

Ps. A note for any fellow camera nerds - 2017 was a year of trying to simplify camera gear as well as life. Apart from the few film snaps, I ended up shooting most of the year on two lenses - a Nikon 28mm and 58mm.

Maria & Ryan's Wedding at Killruddery House, Bray by This Modern Love

Maria & Ryan's Wedding at Killruddery House, Bray

We would have loved Maria and Ryan's wedding no matter what. But when we found out Ryan was from our hometown and we have a mutual friend - the living legend and local character that is Big Jim - who was even going to be a guest at the wedding - we couldn't wait.

Their wedding at Killruddery House was our favourite type. Laid-back, funny, heart-felt, focused on guests having a really good time.

The photography brief was full-scale documentary with a quick dander for portraits. Recently we've been having lots more of these requests - to ditch the semi-formal groups and portraits completely. We're loving this. I'll always be happy to take some photos for parents, but the creative freedom the full on documentary brief brings is amazing. Keep 'em coming!

A huge thanks to these gorgeous human beings for the privilege of being part of their day...



Chris & Colleen's San Francisco Wedding by This Modern Love

Chris & Colleen's Wedding on Mount Tamalpais, San Francisco

So, let's talk about this crazy wonderful Californian road-trip. 

Let's start with Chris and Colleen. Two amazing people, our good friends. Chris is one of Ireland's rising wedding photography stars. Colleen is a ridiculously talented vegan baker. Together they are an unstoppable crack team of adventure junkies. The plan was to start in the San Francisco hills - get married, party, go take some photos the next day...

'Hang site 2' on Mount Tamalpais was our ceremony destination. Where exactly this was, we didn't quite know. A lost driver and some time on local hang-glider forums later, we got there. They were married by their friend Shawn in a beautiful mountain-top ceremony. 

Soon after, we were eating the best vegan food I've ever tasted. Then a dive bar, some jazz and an hilarious coach-trip, and slowly day 1 ebbed into day 2. This was a quieter day, we spent a few hours wandering around forests, finding a lighthouse, Chris & Colleen catching their breath. Some of the portraits were shot then.

It was an enormous honour and a privilege to be part of this spectacular day. I'll never forget it. All the love to these amazing humans, Chris and Colleen. Wishing you many more happy adventures to come x