Chris & Colleen's San Francisco Wedding by This Modern Love

Chris & Colleen's Wedding on Mount Tamalpais, San Francisco

So, let's talk about this crazy wonderful Californian road-trip. 

Let's start with Chris and Colleen. Two amazing people, our good friends. Chris is one of Ireland's rising wedding photography stars. Colleen is a ridiculously talented vegan baker. Together they are an unstoppable crack team of adventure junkies. The plan was to start in the San Francisco hills - get married, party, go take some photos the next day...

'Hang site 2' on Mount Tamalpais was our ceremony destination. Where exactly this was, we didn't quite know. A lost driver and some time on local hang-glider forums later, we got there. They were married by their friend Shawn in a beautiful mountain-top ceremony. 

Soon after, we were eating the best vegan food I've ever tasted. Then a dive bar, some jazz and an hilarious coach-trip, and slowly day 1 ebbed into day 2. This was a quieter day, we spent a few hours wandering around forests, finding a lighthouse, Chris & Colleen catching their breath. Some of the portraits were shot then.

It was an enormous honour and a privilege to be part of this spectacular day. I'll never forget it. All the love to these amazing humans, Chris and Colleen. Wishing you many more happy adventures to come x

Brett & Ray's Wedding at Virginia Park Lodge, Ireland by This Modern Love

Brett & Ray - Virginia Park Lodge Wedding Photographer

How can we even begin to tell you about Brett and Ray's wedding? All the feels. All the laughs. All the llamas. 

Brett in America meets Ray in Ireland - you can check out their love story on youtube at MrMr and Brett the Intern. A few years of long distance dating and visa wrangling, and they're in Virginia Park Lodge in Cavan, throwing the funnest wedding party of all time, with friends and family wiping happy tears from their eyes.

Obviously we need to talk about llamas. And paint bombs. And lip-synched dance routines. And Richard Corrigan's mashed potato (which is the best mashed potato in the history of the universe). But the photos that I love the most from Brett and Ray's day are the two of them together, hanging around the house, helping each other get ready. The sofa, the jackets, the way they look at each other... 

Extra helpings of mashed potato for Michelle, planner extraordinaire at Waterlily Weddings.

This one is actually from 2016. Whoops! We're serially slow bloggers. But hopefully fast wedding photo deliverers, which might make you forgive us just a little bit :) More soon. Pinky swear.


Steph & Ronan's Wedding at Brotherhood Winery, New York. by This Modern Love

Steph & Ronan's New York Wedding at Brotherhood Winery

Steph and Ronan got married upstate New York at the Brotherhood Winery. I've rarely seen a dance-floor kick off like this one! Is this how it works stateside? If so, I'm all in! Or maybe the wedding goodness was down to this super close and welcoming New York Irish community, who became my surrogate family for a few glorious days last November...

A huge thank you to Steph and Ronan, and all the clan, for having me be part of your day.