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Photo Adventures 2015 by This Modern Love

2015. Wow! We've had babies, we've started businesses, but building a house - as well as keeping the aforementioned babies and business happy and healthy - turned out to be quite a roller-coaster...

But now we're here, at home, and we've have had some much needed time out to reflect on the year that was.

And it was actually pretty wonderful! 37 amazing weddings, some fashion, some portraits - adventures the length of breadth of Ireland, exploring remote corners of France, shooting in Ibizan salt flats, keeping airbnb in the black ;) 

But as much as we loved the travel, it was the people we worked with in 2015 that made it so great. You are a kind-hearted, creative lot - and you really know how to put on a good wedding! It's felt at times like an extended road-trip with friends. A crazy, mud tramping, light chasing, pint drinking photographic adventure...

A few accolades also came our way this year, which made us pause and be thankful. Being named as one of Rangefinder Magazine's 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2015 was a staggering highlight. And having a photo selected for Junebug's Best of the Best Wedding Photography 2015 provided another holy grail type moment. But really we can only take part of the credit. Our couples and the places we found did a lot of the heavy lifting here...

As always, our wedding industry friends have infused our year with their life-saving and fun-making powers. Photographer comrades, we don't tell you often enough how much we love you.

These are some of our favourite images from the year - a lot of weddings, some fashion and some personal stuff... It couldn't begin to be representative of our year. But these are the images we find ourselves drawn to...

2014 by This Modern Love

Putting the end of year post together has become one of my favourite things. A couple of days spent combing through files, remembering the amazing people I've met and the photos we've made. I couldn't have hoped for a nicer bunch of people to work with in 2014. If you're reading this, you ROCK and thank you so much for having us.

I also started to talk a little bit about photography this year, in a Buzzfeed article which had a brush with going viral (nowhere near Kimye proportions of course, but good craic none-the-less!) and a more contemplative Junebug interview. Which felt weird for this INFP ;) But is hopefully the start of more conversations to come...

As ever, humungous thank yous to our photographer comrades, in Ireland and dotted all around the world, who have kept us sane and inspired, and occasionally inebriated.

Excited to see what 2015 might hold...

2013 by This Modern Love

We're a little bit late putting this end of year post together. To be honest, we've been eating quality street chocolates, binge-watching box-sets, hanging out with friends, family and doing very little for a few weeks.

It's given us some space to reflect on 2013. Which has been wonderful and has been insane. Mitch catapulted into our lives in March, a tiny bundle of frenetic energy - too curious about the world to sleep. And we've all been swept along in his wake, deeply in love and deeply exhausted.

And outside of this bubble, people are marrying. And we're taking pictures. And amazing couples are giving us free rein to be as creative as we can. And with each wedding we feel like we're slowly finding our voice, and moving ever further towards the kind of images we want to make for people.

So thank you comrades of 2013. Families, photographer-friends, normal-friends (we use the term loosely!). We are beyond grateful to all who have let us into their lives to photograph their wedding stories. We do not take you for granted.