Sarah & Aaron //Ulster Hall Belfast Wedding / by This Modern Love

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Wandering the town listening to scratchy tapes of the Pixies on a walkman, working out what to spend our £5 a week pocket money on in Golden Discs, trawling Oxfams and Attaboy for the least-mishapen leather jacket (preferably without an old sausage roll in the pocket - true story)... Gig after gig in the Ulster Hall, the Empire, the King's Hall, the Warehouse, the Limelight... Despite all the troubles and shenanigans, Belfast wasn't a bad place to grow up you know...

When Sarah and Aaron got in touch to tell us they were getting married at the Ulster Hall and having a party and a gig at the Empire afterwards - Sarah's old stomping grounds as well - we were excited. Their idea of a good time sounded just like ours.

Music played a massive part at the wedding. As Sarah said in her speech, they weren't given much choice growing up - good music was forced upon them by their parents! It's always a good sign when your boyfriend and dad bond instantly over a mutual love of Springsteen. Although they didn't quite manage to get Pete Seeger lined up for the wedding ; ) Belfast band Farriers played an awesome set in the evening - which only made a ridiculously good party even better. If you clicked on the audio, that's them you're listening to right now.

Thanks to Sarah and Aaron, and their friends and family, for having us be part of this unforgettable day.

(This was the first ever wedding at the Ulster Hall by the way - way to break it in).

- music with kind permission of Farriers