Mel & Gordy //Boat club Wedding / by This Modern Love

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So what do you do when you can't find a venue you like to get married in? Join a private member's club : )

Only time will tell if Mel & Gordy will become seasoned sailors, but they sure showed Bangor Boat Club how much fun they'd be to have around.

We'd been looking forward to Mel & Gordy's wedding for ages, having had a blast taking their engagement photographs last year. These guys love photography and left plenty of time in their day to make portraits. We love how these shots turned out, and it's definitely a good example of what you can come up with with a less hectic schedule.

We usually love to blog emotions and moments, because that's what makes us tick most of all about weddings. Sometimes this is at the expense of the styling though. Our bad. But between the old boat club and Mel & Gordy's awesome DIY details, we were totally seduced by the pretty...

And in case you were wondering the flags are maritime signals. We managed to persuade the caretaker to hoist them for us. They spell, 'just wed'.

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