2018 / Shadows & Light by This Modern Love

2018 / Shadows & Light

2018 has been a strange year all over the world. These weddings have been a tonic, and we’ve held them close to our hearts.

Genuinely appreciating the love, kindness and sense of community that weddings bring into people's lives. The buzzy sense of anticipation around each day. Families and friends moving heaven and earth to be in the same place, at the same time, to celebrate the people they love. It's good for the soul. And we still never take these invitations for granted. 

Creatively it's been a great year. I (Tim) joined a busy collective of artists in Belfast - Vault Studios - and have been painting away in the spaces between weddings. This always ends up feeding into the photography somehow. It stops my brain from falling into visual habits, keeps me trying to see images in a different way. I've also loved being part of This is Reportage, a documentary photographers’ collective, whose genius members keep me on my toes, always striving to be better. 

Often in these end of year reviews, we've talked about the roller-coaster - tiny kids, building a house, constant travelling. But you know what we also did this year? We slowed down. Planted a garden and some apple trees. Whiled days away in the park. Attempted to sew (ok, glue) Halloween costumes. We've been breathing again

Couples of 2018, you've brought a lot of joy into the world this year. You've been the best craic, beyond kind, and have introduced us to gold boots, which are officially the way forward. Thank you one and all.


Laila & Mark's Wedding at Château de Robernier, Var, France by This Modern Love

Château de Robernier Wedding - Laila & Mark

In her first message to us, Laila described her and Mark as 'slightly awkward humans', a little bit camera-shy.

Our kinda humans, we thought :) This is gonna work.

And of course we, and the camera, loved Laila and Mark. Because they are awesome people. And their wedding was ridiculously good fun. And because none of this is about posing for perfect fairytale pictures. Even if the wedding is in a French chateau...

Hung + Mark - Tuscany Wedding Photography by This Modern Love

Hello again! We've been pretty quiet on the blog lately, but we've been working hard behind the scenes pulling everything together for our new site. And here it is :)

Big thanks to Tim Farrell, our designer.

We've so many weddings we're dying to blog. No better place to start than with the Tuscan goodness that was Hung & Mark's wedding. Hung & Mark brought together Irish, Australian and Vietnamese families and friends from all over the world to the amazing Villa Catagnano in Siena. The ceremony was a real highlight - outdoors at the villa, combining Zen Buddhist, Celtic and Vietnamese traditions, and officiated by Mark's brother. It was a privilege to be there to photograph it all. And to eat the dinner :)

Hung & Mark's day has also been featured on Junebug.